Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with me for the charter?

Suggestions include a camera, sun-cream, towel, swimming costume and a snorkel mask if you like. Music CDs.

Do I have to be a good swimmer?

Non-swimmers are welcome and all boats carry suitable buoyancy / life-jackets.

Is a boat charter safe for children?

Yes, we work with experienced and diligent Captains, and with thousands of charters undertaken, we hold a 100% safety record.

Am I likely to see dolphins?

We have a high success rate during the peak summer months when the water is warmer and we also enjoy sightings all year round. We consider dolphin watching as an added bonus to our overall charter service – there is no guarantee you will spot dolphins on your trip.

Is there assistance for wheelchair users?

A lot of boats are spacious enough and offer ramp access, please let us know on the enquiry form that assistance is required.

Do I need extra drinks onboard?

The typical charter boat (including our own) provide one free drink per person per hour, which is normally a 33cl can. We advise thirsty passengers to order extra in advance, extra beers are delivered chilled which is also beneficial due to the small size of boat fridges.

Can I bring my own food/drink onboard?

Policy varies between boats but in general, this is not a problem although we advise passengers to get advance confirmation by informing us.

Can I smoke onboard?

Yes, boats permit smoking on the rear deck so that no other passenger is affected.

When should I arrive at the marina?

As early as possible to avoid any potential delay. We advise passengers to locate the boat departure point well in advance.

Can I cancel my booking?

As per standard booking terms, you can cancel your boat charter and get a full refund (or re-schedule) by giving us advance notice (7,14 or 30 days). A shorter notice cancellation can also be granted a refund if the time slot is re-sold.

Can I reserve the date and time for my charter?

Charters are normally booked on a first come first served basis but it is also possible to make a reservation with payment. Please contact us for details.

What happens if the weather is bad?

On the rare occasion, the weather/sea is not fit for travel and the boat Captain will decide to cancel departures. In this circumstance, we can either issue either a full refund or re-schedule your charter, whichever you prefer.

Can I choose my own itinerary?

Yes, or you can use one of the Captains tried and tested schedules, we can provide approximate sailing times for any locations you like.

Why was my payment rejected?

We reject PayPal payments where we are unable to carry out a booking request (e.g. the boat is unavailable on the day you specified). Check your email inbox for a booking failure notification from us, it will also include a list of alternative suggestions.

Do I have to pay in euros?

No, we use PayPal and you can choose any currency you like.

Are there other payment options?

Yes, bank transfer or cheque direct to the boat account, please contact us to make arrangements.

Is there an opportunity for snorkelling?

Yes, just request a stop for sea swimming with your Captain / Crew, please be aware that changes in water clarity means than good snorkelling is not always possible.

Can I get a discount if only 2 or 3 people are onboard?

No, the charter boats are priced by the hour.

Do you provide bareboat charters?


Can you provide charters for other areas?

No, we only operate within the Costa Del Sol.

Can you help with a special request?

Yes, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We have local suppliers for just about everything.

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