Boat Trip Tips

Costa Boat Charters
  1. Once a booking is completed we send confirmation by email alongside a map of the marina and contact telephone numbers, please make sure you keep the telephone numbers on your person or in your phone.
  2. Print out the boat location map and take it with you.
  3. Print out your ticket and present it to the boat representative on the port. Don’t worry if you lose your ticket or are unable to print: the boat has all the information on file.
  4. Locate your boat departure point in advance, leaving plenty of time for any possible delay or road traffic.
  5. What to bring: Suggestions include sun protection: sun cream, cap, sunglasses. For sea swimming: your swim wear, towel and snorkel if you like. For evening / cold weather trips: warm clothing and footwear. Most boats allow you to bring your own music CDs and food and drink but please check with us in advance. And finally, remember to bring a camera.
  6. Sea sickness: Motion sickness tablets are advisable for first time sailors and anyone who is prone to sea sickness. Wrist bracelets are a popular alternative. If any passenger is worried or in doubt we think it is best to bring tablets with you in case they are needed. It is also advisable to avoid excess alcohol the night before or day of the trip.